AIRFORM Intake Distributors for Porsche 996/997 turbo

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The first and only SLS-printed, configurable Intake Distributor for Porsche 996/997 turbos.

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Below you find all options to customize your Intake Distributors. Selection affects both distributors. You must define at least runner’s inside diameter. If no text options are selected, Intake Distributors will be delivered with “AIRFORM” -text.
In all cases Intake Distributors are delivered unpainted and with steel inserts at attachment points.

Made to order, estimated time from order to shipping is 6-8 weeks.


The first and only SLS-printed, configurable Intake Distributors for Porsche 996/997 turbos.

Porsche 996 turbo’s original Intake Distributor is unequal in flow and although 997 turbo’s one is much better, it’s prone to cracking. If ported or GT3’s cylinder heads much larger intake ports are used, original Intake Distributors are very difficult or impossible to match. The solution is now here, from car enthusiasts to car enthusiasts. CAD drawn, flow bench tested.

These can be ordered in runner diameters for either 996/7 turbo or GT3 cylinder head port sizes. Matching OEM Intake Manifolds need to be used. For 997 turbo’s heads 996 turbo’s intake manifolds and for GT3’s heads their intake manifolds. Both available new and used from various distributors. 42mm inner diameter of 996 turbo’s intake manifolds can be ported to our intake distributor’s runners’ 43mm innner diameter. Even this small porting combined to cylinder heads’ porting will significantly increase flow. For maximum flow increase we suggest using 48mm ID runner diameter with GT3 intake manifold and cylinder heads ported to match and larger valves.

Material is Duraform HST Composite: Datasheet 

Other, but not inferior materials may be used upon customer’s request. Even aluminium or titanium but of course at extra cost.

Airform Intake Distributors will be delivered unpainted. Various automotive paints can be used, like VHT Black Wrinkle Paint in pictures below.

These have been run in a 600 hp 996 turbo for several trackdays in +30C OAT without problems, so durability is no problem.

The price above is for a pair, excluding the VAT (24% to sales within EU) and shipping.

These will be made to order, shipped 6-8 eight weeks from the payment.

In addition to runner diameter/port sizing customization these can be ordered with printed “AIRFORM” or without the text as standard or with customer’s own text. As seen in these pictures with text “CTR”. Maximum size is 25 x 200 mm. If no text is ordered, ribs continue all the way across the manifold. Copyrighted words may not be used. Examples: “PORSCHE”  or “turbo” in it’s original font.

Acessories’ attachment points are matched with 997 turbo, for 996 turbo special adapter plates are available separately.

If needed, we can make these with threaded towers for sensors and/or extra attachment points. Measurements are of customer’s responsibility and extra cost applies.

More detailed info here.

Basic product without extras (but shown painted for illustration purposes):

Basic product with “No text -option” (but shown painted for illustration purposes):

Product with customized text, unpainted:


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